Setting Up A Project Office?

  • Are you struggling to build the full picture?
  • Are you frustrated with the lack of logic in project investment?
  • Templates, Reports, Systems, Frameworks, Methodologies – Do you ever wish it could just be easier?
  • Are you about to commence a large program of work?
  • Are your projects running amok – every man, woman and dog for themselves?
  • Have you been told it will take several months just to set up the project frameworks and systems?

We’ll Have You Up And Running In A Fortnight


“We received both the vision and kick-start our Project Office needed. With the new ways of thinking, our team now collaborates more, our practices are more effective and our processes are more efficient.”

Sarah Dent, PMO Director, Department of Education and Training

Start With The Right Foundations

Too many Project Offices start with a Command and Control focus – i.e. ‘You Must Do…’ 

We’ve found that Project Offices that start with a Command and Control focus have a short shelf-life, and quickly become an organisational nuisance (Red Tape).

We don’t like Red Tape – it’s not how you build offices that last.

We ensure you start with the right foundations for ongoing longevity and maximum impact:

Value and Service

These will be embedded into the very thread of everything your office does.

The Value Continuum shows where you will start with us – with Value & Trust.

How It Works

Phase 0 – Agreement

Phase 1 – Rapid Start

Phase 2 – Ongoing Improvement

Your Growth & Support Plan

Don’t Trek Alone

We have ‘Been There and Done That’ – and have the scars to prove it!

Your Go To PMO partner will typically have 10+ years in the industry, have had oversight over portfolios ranging from the low millions to the billions – and most importantly your GO TO PMO Partner understands what makes a project office valuable – value and service.

You will receive help both strategically (establishing a service map, building portfolios, streamlining governance, etc.), and tactically (what to say to build project manager buy-in, reviewing documents, building stakeholder rapport, etc.).

By the end of the two week intensive you’ll have:

  • your team trained and capable
  • your PMO team structure established
  • portfolio management in place
  • a complete template library
  • your processes & internal services established and commenced
  • team communications plan in place
  • governance and reporting cadence & method established
  • a clear and achievable 6 month improvement & growth roadmap
  • personalised team growth plans in place
  • a firm embedded understanding of what makes a good PMO (and what makes a poor one)
  • oversight and clarity into the tracking metrics (benefit, time, cost, quality, risk) for all your key projects.

Your 3 Month Team Mentoring will include:

  • Unlimited access to your coach/mentor
  • Personal meetings as deemed appropriate
  • Unlimited email
  • Unlimited review of work
  • Unlimited phone calls

Our Coaches and Mentors

Brendon Baker

As a leading expert in the field, Brendon has had active oversight or consultation on over $8 Billion in key transformation projects and programs across a range of industries. This has included public infrastructure, business/cultural transformations, shared service implementations, restructures, privatisations & sales, process overhauls, technology deployments, social policy and more.

He is proud of his 100% success rate.

He absolutely loves working with new project & PMO managers because it’s the in those first few years that the greatest leaps and bounds in progress are made. There’s nothing quite like seeing the beauty of a well organised and run project for the first time. Even better – is being the one who created it.

Valdi Gravitis

Valdi is a senior strategy, business planning and improvement leader across various government areas including corporate, land, property, transport, infrastructure and spatial information. He has delivered over 200 projects across infrastructure, business improvement and IT.

Valdi has led organisational transformation portfolios in the multi-millions, while up-skilling project managers in his keep. A firm believer in working better through working together – Valdi founded of the NSW Whole of Government PMO Community.

Martyn Pretty

If a project management qualification exists, then Martyn has it and has trained others in it.

He is an expert in all facets project, program and portfolio management – with a real hands-on edge in agile delivery.

Martyn has consulted to organisations large and small for over 12 years, successfully driving improvements across countless projects and PMOs while mentoring their cohorts of up and coming project managers.

He also has a particular penchant for fixing broken projects.

Your Vault Access

Stop Writing Templates!

It’s time to reveal a little secret – the two week start up is underpinned by your access to the GO TO PMO Vault. The Vault provides you with everything you need to set-up, oversee and service from your project office. You will have access to a growing library of over 100 toolkits, frameworks, guidelines, workshops and training sessions that have culminated from our years of experience and trend forecasts. This grows each month.

Your access to the Vault also provides free inclusion in our monthly webinar series (which are recorded and archived within the vault for ongoing reference).

Find out what’s in The Vault here…

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About Us

Our sole purpose is to provide an unprecedented level of confidence for organisations taking on change. We know that confidence and clarity of the journey is of supreme importance to successful project results.
We support those in need, those in over their heads and those looking to be better than they already are.

At our core, we achieve results by:
* Only hiring and working with quality
* Challenging the consulting pricing status quo with ethical pricing strategies. Our ethical fee arrangements ensure our clients have budgeting certainty and maximum R.O.I. We will never bill you by the hour or day.
* Focusing on the goldilocks approach, i.e. only what works – we actively eliminate and challenge what doesn’t
* Aligning our targets to client results

We currently serve all key metro and regional hubs Australia wide. Contact us for International support arrangements.