With our 2 week onsite PMO intensive, we’ll have your project/portfolio management office up and running in just 2 weeks.

To then ensure ongoing success, we offer an ongoing team mentoring package at 3 month intervals to keep your team evolving to better serve your organisation.

Start With The Right Foundations

Too many Project Offices start with a Command and Control focus – i.e. ‘You Must Do…’ 

We’ve found that Project Offices that start with a Command and Control focus have a short shelf-life, and quickly become an organisational nuisance (Red Tape).

We don’t like Red Tape – it’s not how you build offices that last.

We ensure you start with the right foundations for ongoing longevity and maximum impact: Value and Service

These will be embedded into the very thread of everything your office does.

By the end of the two week intensive you’ll have:

  • your team trained and capable
  • your PMO team structure established
  • portfolio management in place
  • a complete template library
  • your processes & internal services established and commenced
  • team communications plan in place
  • governance and reporting cadence & method established
  • a clear and achievable 6 month improvement & growth roadmap
  • personalised team growth plans in place
  • a firm embedded understanding of what makes a good PMO (and what makes a poor one)
  • oversight and clarity into the tracking metrics (benefit, time, cost, quality, risk) for all your key projects.

Don’t Trek Alone

We have ‘Been There and Done That’ – and have the scars to prove it!

Your Go To PMO partner will typically have 10+ years in the industry, have had oversight over portfolios ranging from the low millions to the billions – and most importantly your GO TO PMO Partner understands what makes a project office valuable – value and service.

You will receive help both strategically (establishing a service map, building portfolios, streamlining governance, etc.), and tactically (what to say to build project manager buy-in, reviewing documents, building stakeholder rapport, etc.).

Every coaching/mentoring package also includes access to the GO TO PMO vault for your team for the period of the engagement, then the opportunity for ongoing vault access at a dramatic discount!

Your 3 Month Team Mentoring will include:

  • Unlimited access to your coach/mentor
  • Personal meetings as deemed appropriate
  • Unlimited email
  • Unlimited review of work
  • Unlimited phone calls