Are You New To Project Management?

  • Do you need help getting a project off the ground?
  • Are you considering a project management course – but are concerned about its practicality?
  • Baselines, Milestones, SCRUM, SAFE, Waterfall, Gantts, EVM – Do you ever wish it could just be easier?
  • Have you been handed a project and told to ‘get it done’?
  • Have you started your new project and have found yourself slipping further behind everyday?
  • Do you need to chat to someone who has ‘Been there, Done that’?

“With one on one coaching, in just a few months our $9M program has gone from a 300 line task-list with untold delays to a well oiled machine. Our executives love the new clarity, and I love the new sense of control. Thank you!”

Tanya McInnes, Program Manager, Customer Service Transformation

Lead Confidently, No Matter Your Project

  • Process Changes
  • Technology (IT)
  • Policy Developments
  • Transformations
  • Culture Shifts
  • Restructures
  • Strategic & BAU
  • Agile & Waterfall
  • And More…
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How It Works

Phase 0 – Agreement

Phase 1 – Uplift

Phase 2 – Reinforce

Your Coaches and Mentors

Don’t Trek Alone

Learn from someone who has ‘Been There and Done That’ – and has the scars to prove it!

Your Go To PMO partner will typically have 10+ years in the industry, have had oversight over multi-millions in projects and will have overseen projects just like yours.

You will receive help both strategically (how to build a schedule, manage & forecast to a budget, build effective governance, etc.), and tactically (what to say at the board meeting tomorrow, reviewing documents, building stakeholder rapport, etc.).

Your Personalised Coaching will include:

  • A three month targeted engagement
  • Creation of developmental objectives
  • Metrics for success
  • Deadlines, timelines, and accountabilities
  • Mandatory weekly phone calls
  • Personal meetings as deemed appropriate
  • Unlimited email
  • Unlimited review of work
  • Unlimited additional phone calls

Your Ongoing Mentoring will include:

  • Personal meetings as deemed appropriate
  • Unlimited email
  • Unlimited review of work
  • Unlimited phone calls

Your Vault Access

Growth, Anytime

Your access to the GO TO PMO Vault provides you with everything you need to set-up, oversee and support your project. You will have access to a growing library of over 100 toolkits, frameworks, guidelines, workshops and training sessions that have culminated from our years of experience and trend forecasts. This grows each month.

Your access to the Vault also provides free inclusion in our monthly webinar series (which are recorded and archived within the vault for ongoing reference).

Find Out What’s In The Vault Here…

No Matter What You Do, We Can Help

  • Professional Services
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Finance
  • Non-Profit
  • Agriculture
  • Tourism
  • Healthcare
  • Mining & Resources
  • Retail
  • And More…

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About Us

Our sole purpose is to provide an unprecedented level of confidence for organisations taking on change. We know that confidence and clarity of the journey is of supreme importance to successful project results.
We support those in need, those in over their heads and those looking to be better than they already are.

At our core, we achieve results by:
* Only hiring and working with quality
* Challenging the consulting pricing status quo with ethical pricing strategies. Our ethical fee arrangements ensure our clients have budgeting certainty and maximum R.O.I. We will never bill you by the hour or day.
* Focusing on the goldilocks approach, i.e. only what works – we actively eliminate and challenge what doesn’t
* Aligning our targets to client results

We currently serve all key metro and regional hubs Australia wide. Contact us for International support arrangements.