Ready To Take Things Up A Level?

You and your organisation are ready for your next step.

Maybe it’s time to move to programs from projects?

Maybe it’s building your leadership by blending soft skills with technical?

Maybe it’s tweaking what already works to improve performance even further?

Here at Go To PMO, our experts have 10+ years in the industry overseeing multi-million/billion projects & portfolios. This means that we know what works.

Draw on our expertise to take your project management practice to the next level.


How It Works

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Step 2 – Agreement

Step 3 – Uplift

A (Non-Exhaustive) List Of Areas We Can Help With

  • Agile Rollouts
  • Benefits Mapping, Uplift and Formalisation
  • Business Case Development & Coaching
  • Communities of Practice
  • Creating A Lessons Learned Practice
  • Earned Value Management Rollouts
  • Governance Establishment and Simplification
  • Hub and Spoke Project Office Networks
  • Maturity Assessments & Uplifts
  • Organisational Change Management Capability Uplift
  • Portfolio Balancing, Scheduling & Development
  • Project Assurance & Health Checks
  • Project Control Improvement
  • Project Management Tools, Systems, Processes Reviews
  • Shifting From Command & Control to Value-Centred
  • Stakeholder Mapping
  • Strategy Mapping
  • Tailored / Fit For Purpose Project Management Solutions
  • Transitioning from Projects To Programs
  • Plus More…

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About Us

Our sole purpose is to provide an unprecedented level of confidence for organisations taking on change. We know that confidence and clarity of the journey is of supreme importance to successful project results.

We support those in need, those in over their heads and those looking to be better than they already are.

At our core, we achieve results by:
* Only hiring and working with quality
* Challenging the consulting pricing status quo by leading the market in ethical pricing practices
* Focusing on the goldilocks approach, i.e. only what works – we actively eliminate and challenge what doesn’t
* Aligning our targets to client results

We currently serve all key metro and regional hubs Australia wide. International support arrangements can be discussed.